About Me

As you might be able to guess from the title my name is Violett (yes 2ts at the end and it's not a typo) and I love Dragons and purple. I guess I'm a bit of a geek as I love anything Sci-Fi or Fantasy.

I've been writing poetry since I was in primary school, one of the first books I owned (and still have a copy of) is 'The Puffin Book of Magic Verse', where I was introduced to Tennyson, Charles Causley and celtic poems of unknown origin such as The song of Amerigan. William Blake is however my favourite poet and a major influence on my style. I have had a poem published in an anthology and also have won poetry competitions in the past.

Recently I have had some poetry published in The Wolfian E Mag and also have started to write some political articles too.

I have always appreciated art though until I discovered Encaustic art never though of myself as an artist. I have found that through this medium I can create the types of images that I enjoy.

I paint them and write poetry mostly for my own pleasure and enjoyment, however others who have seen my work have suggested that I sell it so here I am. I have an Etsy shop where my original artwork can be purchased or via T Shirt Studio where some of the images are available on mugs, coasters, clocks etc.

I am also a very much amateur photographer although some come out quite nicely. These too may be available on a product via the TShirtStudio.

My love of Dragons has also had me delving into the world of Polymer Clay, still at the practicing stage but have created a couple of Dragons and Dragon Eyes. When I have sorted the techniques and am happy with the quality they will be available for sale via the Etsy shop, complete with an adoption certificate and introductory letter.

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Encaustic Art

I appreciate art of all sorts, especially fantasy, surrealist and abstract. Since discovering encaustic art about 10 years ago I am happy to be able to produce my own. Many have been given to friends as cards or gifts although they have suggested selling them - so here I am

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Polymer Clay

Poetry & Blog

I am currently running 3 blogs.

The main one is accessible from clicking the picture above. It's just general musings of whatever comes out of my head.

I also have an arty/poetic blog ViolettDragonDreams

My political musings can be found at  The Diplomatic Democratic Dragoness


Other websites you may find of interest

TShirt Studio are the only company I would trust to print my designs on products. Not only is the print quality second to none, the prices are very reasonable and turnaround is exceedingly swift.

The Wolfian is an emagazine dedicated to delivering political articles on liberalism and social democracy, as well as philosophical, constitutional and intellectual discussion. Contributions to The Wolfian are welcomed from anyone who has a generally centrist and centre-left philosophy. As well as poetry and short fiction

Some first attempts, coming soon will be Zodiac Dragon eyes and Dragons, Gemstone Dragoneyes and Hybrid Dragons.

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